The Calgary Selects is Calgary's longest-running basketball club

OUR MISSION is to to provide basketball development opportunities to youth in our communities in a safe environment that promotes respect, sportsmanship and team work. 

OUR VISION is to make basketball a sport for EVERYONE!


Below is our 7 CORE VALUES here at the Calgary Selects

Our members enjoy the sport of basketball for its own sake.  We strive to cooperate with our team mates, opponents, officials and coaches in a mutual quest for excellence.  We are gracious by savouring the challenge of tough competition and meet it with our finest performance, win or lose.  We respect the game and everyone’s contributions while sharing the credit.

Our members compete in the sport of basketball according to the code of conduct set forth by CMBA.  We believe that every player should have the opportunity to play in both a practice and game situations similar to their team mates. Our teams compete with our finest performance without embarrassing our completion when mismatched.

Our members support everyone’s worth and dignity, regardless of background, abilities or beliefs.  We treat others the way we wish to be treated.  We are considerate of the feelings of others and their rights.  We are attentive with learning from coaches, officials and players while encouraging growth and development of others.

Our members serve the common good of the group by recognizing we are interconnected and that there is a link between individual effort and group achievement.  Empowering our members to grow, succeed and lead while raising expectations for individuals and the team.  We generously contribute hard word and support each other to reach team goals. We are energetic and initiate action to do what needs to be done.

Athletes’ families love and support are key to achieving fullest potential in all aspects of life.

Key to success in life.  Post secondary basketball is not possible on talent alone.  Scholarships and opportunities  are given out to players that have grades to qualify.

Sport can be a mentor of many aspects of life.


Since forming in 1988 the program has established a track record of success both in grooming players to excel both in the sport and in life. 

We are volunteer driven and not for profit organization with the goal to promote the game of basketball in the City of Calgary and surrounding areas.

​The Calgary Selects Basketball Club offers basketball players in grades three and up, a unique opportunity to expand their skills in a year round training or seasonal program. 

The Calgary Selects Program offers developmental training, including skill development and exhibition gameplay. The sessions typically run from September to November, December to February and March to June.

For the more advance player, Calgary Selects offers competitive team opportunities including skill development, CMBA league play and tournament participation.  Season of play for our teams run from March to July with tryouts in February.